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The application process

You are still unsure and want to know first what the application and our offer look like? Then click through the steps of the application process!
The first step is to apply to the coaches at the various colleges to get on their recruiting lists. Your resume should include the following items:
- an overview of your academic and athletic achievements
- A summary of your statistics and tournament results
- Contact information for your coaching references
Additionally, you need a highlight video with good rallies and all basic strokes. We will help you translate and edit the video and send your application to over 50 selected colleges that College Tennis Zick is already in contact with.
Overcome academic hurdles
The most important point: Get good grades. You can increase your chances of winning a tennis scholarship by working hard off the court. If two sports students have similar tennis skills, but one of them is the better student, the coaches will choose the better student and in addition, there is also academic scholarship if the grades are good. 
A scholarship in the USA also requires various certificates of achievement and language tests so that your academic achievements are recognized internationally.
We will be happy to advise you on the details of the requirements of the various hurdles and give you tips on how to prepare for the various international tests (e.g. High-school degree, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GED (General Educational Development Test), etc.).
Complete the application
Resume, highlight video, and the tests are unfortunately not all. Now comes dealing with the authorities. This includes applying for the student visa and eligibility for the league you will be playing in.
We will help you through the application process and with the completion of the application. The communication with the contact persons in the USA can be very long and stressful, but with our experience, we know very well how to get you quickly and safely to your playing eligibility and the required visa.
Deciding on a college
The hardest part is already behind you - you now have the choice and can select a college for which you have received an offer.
Again, we are happy to help you decide which college is right for you.
Sign the offer
This is where the long and arduous application process ends - but it was worth it: you can now sign your offer and have reached your goal!
Want to make your dream of college tennis come true? We want to get you there too! Sign up here today or email us at